Scale your business
to greater heights
Scale your business
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Katerina Bogina
Katerina Bogina
Executive growth coaching for ambitious entrepreneurs, leaders, startup founders and SME directors.
years of experience
helping to skyrocket sales
international entrepreneur
For over ten years, I've worked as a speaker, consultant, and facilitator for both small businesses and large corporations. Growth hacking tactics can be used in any startup or corporate initiative.
My clients
Why Growth coaching
We employ a set of complex techniques that include setting hypotheses, identifying obstructive factors, and creating methodologies to tackle these bottlenecks.
As a business owner, startup founder, or executive director for an SME, you’re likely to be faced with unique challenges that prevent you from scaling as fast as you’d like to. This is where Growth coaching is of help by providing an unrivaled source of strategic insights that can take your enterprise to the next level.
Growth coaching isn’t a magic pill. It requires putting in the effort and completing defined tasks. But once you get the ball rolling, it can be as effective a tool for business success as any other.
What Growth coaching can do for you
After having worked with dozens of clients, I’ve come to the conclusion that Growth coaching can equip you with the tools required to develop a laser-focused mindset for success. I’m willing to stick my neck out and say, it must just be the most important thing you engage in as far as your professional career is concerned.
Here is a quick video that describes what this service can do for you and your business. Whatch!
Why growth coaching
Meet your coach
I’m on a mission to help fellow entrepreneurs and professional executives leverage Growth coaching to replicate my success. In my years of running successful businesses, I realized that most companies face a myriad of problems requiring pertinent solutions revolving around an adequate diagnosis and creating a hypothesis to quickly address the issue at hand.
When you work with me, you’ll learn first-hand how to identify problems, take stock of your goals, and smash performance targets with proven methodologies. I’ve delivered hundreds of strategy sessions aimed at helping teams and companies set action plans and create their own success
Hi, I’m Kate Bogina. I’m an international entrepreneur. For the past 10+ years, I have been running a consulting agency in a field of corporate education, management consulting and visual communications, which I successfully scaled to seven figures.
My experience and credentials
I have consulted and collaborated with accelerators to help bring uniquely innovative ideas to life in an unparalleled way.
10+ years of experience operating my own business and helping entrepreneurs from all over the world to skyrocket their sales.
A specialized education, which includes a Masters degree in Business psychology, an MBA, and a Business coaching certification, puts me in a prime position to understand the various problems growing companies are likely to encounter.
I’ve worked with executives from many world-renown corporations, and that has given me intricate insight into what it takes to scale to seven figures and beyond.
My work isn't just limited to creating high-performance teams, I also work with individuals to help them execute perfectly and create an enterprise that thrives autonomously.
Who can benefit from Growth coaching
First-time founders with an idea
Out of all businesses, nobody needs Growth coaching more than a startup. The main goal for a startup business is to scale in as little time as possible. My services can help do just that and more.
As businesses grow, they usually face problems that hinder further growth. It's a paradox of sorts, but growth coaching is the answer to this conundrum.
Large corporations too can benefit from Growth coaching services by employing it to create stronger teams, salespeople, and leaders.
Got a business that you’d like
to bring to life? Growth coaching can help you leverage your strengths to effectively seize opportunities and drive your idea to fruition.

Is Growth coaching for you?
When your idea needs guidance
When you’re launching a new project
When you need to create high-performance teams
When you live a groundhog day
When passion doesn’t translate to sales
At the end of the day, every business’s success is measured by its bottom line. If you’re struggling to translate your professional passion into consistent sales, then growth coaching is certainly for you.
Delegation is difficult and this often leads to business leaders trying to wear too many hats at once; be it sales, marketing, or operations. Growth coaching allows you to rearrange your organizational structure so that you can focus on what’s truly important — scaling your business.
Ideas are only as good as their execution. If you have an idea and need guidance to bring it to life without the pitfalls of entrepreneurship, Growth coaching is an essential service to consider.
Even as an established business, new projects or entering new markets bring with them a lot of uncertainty. Growth coaching ensures you leave nothing to change and tackle problems before
they even appear for a smooth and inexpensive path to success.
Founders are always looking for their teams to be more autonomous. Growth coaching uses proven strategies to equip sales teams with an action plan that helps them perform better.
When you need to conquer a new level
You will definitely need support when you want to reach the scale you’ve never had before. The same applies to entering a new market.
My approach and how it works
Step 4
Step 3
Step 2
Step 1
My approach can be described as innovative, transparent, and effective. I believe in running and running fast while leaving the competition in its wake. If you’re ambitious and prepared to do whatever it takes, we’re likely to be a perfect fit.
We set up an initial consultation to understand each other better.
We meet over Zoom every week with regular updates and how the progress looks when it comes to addressing the major bottlenecks.
Once you’re on board, we’ll work toward diagnosing pressing issues and developing structured
frameworks with the help of hypotheses.
The process repeats itself until we have reached the desired results.
Why work with me
Constant support
Scale and sell more
Leverage my expertise
Oftentimes you don’t know what you don’t know yet, and mistakes can be expensive. Leverage my extensive expertise as an entrepreneur for 10+ years to make sure you don’t waste valuable resources like time and money on experimentation. This is your chance to get things right the first time.
I use a combination of proven methodologies and innovative strategies that help you do more,
be more and sell more. More sales mean more revenues, and more revenues mean greater profits! Take it from someone who has been there and done that.
With the help of weekly calls to identify pressing issues and major bottlenecks, in addition to sharing effective ways of delegating operations and getting the best out of your team; it’s safe to say I’ll be with you every step of the way providing constant support over the course of our engagement.
My clients
I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some movers and shakers across various niches and industries. Here are some of my past clients.
What people are saying about my Growth coaching service: real folks, real results
Kate has been a game-changer for my business. Within a few weeks of enlisting her services, I was able to find new ways to scale my business thanks to her insights. I can’t believe I hadn’t thought of these avenues before.
Founder of a language online school
Founder of a jewelry production
Founder of an edtech company
Incredible. Just incredible. I have been a professional in my industry for ages. But running a business is a different ball game altogether. Kate brought me up to speed with how I should be running my company, and I’m happy to report sales have been skyrocketing!
I had heard about Growth Coaching before, but only after I worked with Kate did I realize how integral it was to my success. I was feeling stuck like a lot of entrepreneurs out there, running every aspect of my day-to-day by myself. She helped me transition in an effortless way, and now I have my life back.
What tasks can be solved for entrepreneurs
How to find product-market fit
How to scale sales
How do I conduct customer development
Whom and when to hire
How to delegate
How to earn more
How to enter a new market
How to choose marketing channels
How to double or triple profit
How to set a company strategy
How to build an organizational structure
How to develop corporate culture
Find my customers
Pricing and packages
Discover a host of different packages tailored to your unique needs:
Monthly Growth
coaching package
Diagnosis session
1 consultation or a Growth coaching
4 one-to-one sessions

Setting ambitious goals

Finding the main bottleneck in your business

Spreadsheet with your scaling strategy

Quick tasks to increase revenues

strategy session

4 sessions
1-2 hours long each

1-1/2 hours
up to 2 hours
1 day
8-9 hours
One-to-one session

Going deep into your business

Diagnostics of each business function

Finding the main bottleneck in your business

Setting ambitious goals
(for different planning periods / with different timelines)

Finding the main bottleneck in your business

Spreadsheet with your scaling strategy

Quick tasks to increase revenues

Diagnosis sessions for finding the main bottlenecks

Bespoke/person alized/customized session scenario

Facilitating a session between the founder/ СEO and their team
(1 day long)

Spreadsheet with all the session’s results

Roadmap to implement strategy session’s results

Are you ready to flip the script and take the first step towards

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Are you ready to flip the script and take the first step towards

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scaling your business?
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Do you have any questions?
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What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept wire transfers on contract basis and Paypal transactions.

Why is Growth coaching so effective?
Growth coaching is very effective due to its unique technology. This technology helps entrepreneurs to focus on the variety of factors for business development including sales and revenue growth. This helps entrepreneurs to react faster and develop their companies more productively.

Should I work in a specific industry to try Growth coaching?
We work with a variety of niches and industries. Any entrepreneur can prosper with the adoption of growth coaching in their company since the technology is very flexible and can be easily used in all fields and industries.

Businesses on what stages can use Growth coaching?

We work with the businesses on all stages. If you have just a business idea and want to develop it into a successful business, Growth coaching is for you. We can help you to scale your ideas to the point of first revenue. The same applies to the entrepreneurs from big companies, the technology is the same but the approach and methodology varies. Don’t be afraid to try coaching at any stage of your business, we are here to help you create something great and completely unique.

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